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My Angel Flying to Close to the Ground

The Perfect Imperfection


I often think about words and how we use them to mentally sabotage our perspective on life. One of the words that I have been analysing as such is the word-perfect.

The meaning of perfect as used in the American way of life is in it of itself a  disruptive word.

The perfect job,  the perfect car, the perfect wedding, the perfect house, the perfect couple, the perfect marriage, the perfect lawn, the perfect parents, the perfect kids, the perfect dog, all unattainable. Even for the perfectionist, Whom I believe is forever seeking the perfect. In the process the perfectionist may in fact make great strides in life. The perfectionist may change the world a little bit at a time, improving themselves and others to infinity and beyond. Why, because you cannot create perfect. Therefore, the perfectionist would be chasing perfect, meeting goals along the way, but still never quite…

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The Heart of a Rescuer

Great story of what rescuers do and the actions that make a difference!

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The Heart of a Rescuer

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